Levil BOM complete back up instrument EFIS


Worried about an instrument malfunction or related emergency?

The BOM is your ideal backup solution! This wireless aerodynamic pod that mounts underneath the wing of your aircraft measures angle of attack, indicated airspeed, WAAS GPS, AHRS, ADS-B in, and data recording. It provides an affordable solution that gives you the peace of mind to safely overcome any instrument malfunction or related emergency. It’s also an affordable way to modernize a vintage aircraft without using a single wire!

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The BOM Features

  • Internal WAAS GPS
  • AHRS: Roll, Pitch, Magnetic Heading, Rate of Turn, inclination, and G meter output
  • A Wi-Fi access point (enables up to 6 devices connected to the same iLevil)
  • Integrated solar panels that extend the standard battery life from 4 hours on a bright sunny day
  • 3-axis gyro, accelerometers, and magnetometers professionally calibrated for aviation-grade performance
  • Micro-USB communication for remote firmware updates, data transfer, and battery charging
  • Optional Automatic ON/OFF operations through 3.5 mm audio jack using 5V (require a harness, not included)
  • IN/OUT serial communication (allows data transfer to/from other hardware inside the cockpit, i.e., ADS-B receivers)
  • Data recording
  • 978/1090 MHz ADS-b receiver (Free in-flight weather and traffic)
  • NORSEE Approved for certified aircraft
  • AoA (Angle of Attack)
  • Self-powered/Self-charging system
  • Automatically powered ON with the vibration of the plane
  • A heated nose that collects air and pressure data


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