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Grumman parts is here to add value for the Grumman Community. The goals are to enhance the  Grumman Ownership Experience by helping owners source parts and services more efficiently.

I had no idea when I started building the GPA website how fast the GPA would grow. Who would have thought we would have 2500 members so quickly.  Or that the GPA YouTube Channel would have nearly 851,000 views and over 4000 subscribers. 

One of the more frustrating things as Grumman Tiger owner, is the amount of time required to research and get stuff when I need it. You know the drill. Google, post, call, read reviews, get opinions of others, etc.  I am not alone. When it comes to “stuff” for my Grumman, it is all over and, I mean “everywhere.” The same can be said for suppliers. Often we find ourselves posting on the GrummanGang or the GPA when we need sources or opinions. Assuming of course we know about that resource.

I felt there must be a better way. Thanksgiving morning 2018 the idea for the Grumman Parts Marketplace arrived. After running the idea by a number of folks, construction began. This site will continue to evolve based on your needs and suggestions.


Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Managing Director

1975 AA5B | N1595R

Our Philosophy Is To Provide
Quality Over Quantity

For Grumman Owners:

  • Directly support the Grumman Aircraft Community and their mechanics by making available the best parts,  services, and information to keep our fleet operational and our pilots safe  
  • Provide an online capability for our members to research and purchase parts/services from vetted suppliers and discover items that may otherwise remain unknown to them.

Providing the Tools You Need For Success

For Participating Vendors:

  • Our partners enjoy a unique opportunity to capture more revenue at lower cost, by selling into a consolidated niche customer segment.
  • We provide our vendor-partners with managed, cutting edge end to end web-based technology solutions designed to, reduce the costs of goods sold and improve efficiencies throughout the selling process.
  • Our partners can have multiple cross-selling opportunities integrated throughout our various platforms. 
  • We provide a means to gather support and obtain feedback for new product development/STC approvals.
  • More sales for our partners by us taking an active role in promoting their products and services.