Davtron OAT Probe for uAvionix AV-30 and AV-20 C307PS


Enhance your AV-30 or AV-20 Capabilities today.

Installing the Davton C307Ps with your new uAvionix AV-30 or AV-20 will enable the units to display Temperature, True Airspeed, and Density Altitude.

You can use this info for your Takeoff and Landing performance. Since it is mounted under the wing, it will give you a much better real-world temperature with up to the second info. Most AWOS temps are 15ft above the ground and not over the runway.

Would it be nice to know at a glance that temperature is approaching icing when IFR?

Is your TAS in line with your IFR Filing? Do you need to speed up, slow down, or give a call to ATC?

Have you ever compared actual lapse rates to the forecast to give you clues about where clouds are going to form or if you can expect rapid buildups?



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