Introducing the uAvionix AV-20S


Multi-Function Display

Complement Your Panel with a Certified Display and

improve safety without sacrificing simplicity.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $895! and Shipping NOW

Now Approved as a primary replacement for your Clock.

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AoA Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)

Loss of control caused by distraction during critical phases of flight is a leading cause of fatal accidents. The Stall/Spin scenario whether on take-off, go around or the base to final turn happens. I doubt there are few of us who haven’t experienced an oh crap moment at some time in our flying. 

The angle of Attack with voice alerting is in the heavy iron and not until now been as affordable for GA Class I and II aircraft. Can AOA alerts help reduce the loss of control accidents and make us safer? Yes!

G-Meter Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)

Pulling G’s isn’t something you probably do every day unless you are flying aerobatics.

Is that unexpected turbulence you are feeling a problem at your current airspeed? Do you need to reduce speed to maneuvering Va or not for these bumps?  

Attitude (Roll / Pitch) (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
Slip / Skid Indication (NEW!)

No need to check the turn coordinator when the ball is right where it should have been all along.

Clock (GMT / Local)

The AV20S is a great replacement for your older clock and the 2″ hole is often the ideal location anyway.  Now you get the added bonus of seeing both ZULU and Local Time for your set location.

Outside Air Temperature (C / F) **

Know the temperature at a glance. Do you need that pitot heat on? What is the lapse rate telling you about airmass stability? Is the forecasted temperature accurate? 

Bus Voltage Display

Do you know the health of your charging system? You can at a glance. See the voltage before the start-up to assess the battery.   condition. Observing your charging voltage may help to identify problems early. 

Dual User Timers (Count Up / Down)

Give yourself a reminder with count up or count down timers. Timed Approach? Estimated time to a waypoint versus GPS time to? Fuel Tank change. The uses are endless.

Engine Run Timer

Keep track of your engine run time.

Flight Timer

The AV-20S is flight timer records flight time for logging and other uses.

Density Altitude Display **

Get critical information in advance and in-flight to assist with your performance calculations.  Do you have enough runway? How will your climb performance be impacted? Fuel Burn?

True Airspeed Display (Kts / Mph **

Easily see your True Air Speed at the touch of a button.  Add more precision to your IFR flights. 


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