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SureFly FAA Certified Electronic Ignition Magneto Replacement

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SureFly is an FAA certified electronic (solid-state) magneto replacement. The SureFly Ignition Module (SIM) replaces one magneto – generally the left or impulse-coupled/starting magneto on our Grumman aircraft engines.

​Cutting your Magneto Maintenace Saves Big Bucks

Replacing one Slick magneto eliminates that magneto maintenance and cuts associated costs in half! NO 500-hour inspections on a Surefly. Rebuilding your slick Inpulse Coupled Mag currently costs $850.00 plus postage, and A/P time to remove, reinstall and time the mag.  Think about how many times you are currently servicing old-style Slick Magnetos and the COST. 

With SureFly you get zero maintenance, zero rebuilds & zero overhauls and will pay for itself versus the cost of maintaining your Slick 4371.

SureFly Saves Money at the Gas Pump

Grumman aircraft can enable SureFly’s advanced timing feature for improved cruise flight efficiency at higher altitudes. This translates to FUEL savings.  Owners report a gallon per hour savings.  We would love your PIREP.

Easier Starting:

SureFly perfectly controls the timing to be at TDC below 400 rpm which combined with longer spark dwell and the option to use wider gapped spark plugs, makes starting on the second blade and hot starts faster.
This greatly decreases wear and tear on high-performance starters and Grumman electrical systems.

A Long History with our Grummans.

SureFly Ignition Modules are hand-built in Granbury, Texas almost entirely from components manufactured in Texas and Michigan. Designed, engineered, created, certified in a Grumman, and supported by the same team that brought you Sky-Tec starters and Plane-Power alternators, our approach to SureFly shares the same commitment, experience, and passion for creating and bringing sensible, affordable solutions to the piston engine aviation market.

Bottom Line – This is a replacement you will enjoy every time you close your canopy and push the starter button.


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If any of the following items apply to your installation, please call Grumman Parts at 540-309-6427 or SureFly at 817-373-5161 before proceeding with the purchase or installation of a SureFly Ignition Module:

1) Your aircraft tachometer is one of the following:

□ Horizon, - Requires TACH2 Tachometer Signal Converter

  • □  Electronics International, (changing the inline resistor value)
  • □  EFIS or Engine Monitor that requires magneto P lead inputs,
  • □  EFIS or Engine Monitor that requires a 0-5 volt square wave input,

2) Your aircraft has more than one engine,

  1. 3)  Your aircraft has an existing electronic ignition,
  2. 4)  Your aircraft has one of the following STC’s:
  • □  Western Skyways Turbo STC,
  • □  Spin-on oil filter adapter,
  • □  Auto Fuel STC.

SureFly strongly recommends that you replace the ignition harness with a new “Slick” style harness. A large number of existing ignition harnesses have been discovered to be deficient even after passing a high-tension lead test. SureFly will not warrant a SIM for a rough running engine unless the harness and spark plugs have been replaced.

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

Additional information

Weight N/A
SIM Type

4-Cylinder Non-Impulse Mag Replacement, 4-Cylinder Impulse Coupled Mag Replacement, SIM6L -Lycoming 6 Cylinder, SIM6C – Continental 6 Cylinder


Warranty Terms

By proceeding with the installation of a SIM, you agree to the following terms of warranty:

  • ‣  SureFly Partners, Ltd. (“SureFly”) warrants SureFly Ignition Modules (“SIM”) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of installation.
  • ‣  Any customer suspecting a SIM to be defective must first contact SureFly for troubleshooting assistance.
  • ‣  If SureFly determines the Ignition Module may be faulty, the customer will be provided a Return Authorization(RA) and return instructions.
  • ‣  Warranty service is only available for SIMs returned to the factory per the instructions herein.
  • ‣  SureFly warranty covers only rebuild or replacement of the SIM for reasons SureFly deems to be warrantable atits sole discretion.
  • ‣  This warranty does not cover labor, inconvenience, transportation, or loss of business due to any SureFly productfailure.
  • ‣  The SIM must be shipped to the SureFly factory at the customer’s cost for warranty evaluation.
  • ‣  SureFly makes no warranty as to the suitability of its products for the intended application.
  • ‣  SureFly does not reimburse purchases of replacement products made from a retailer or distributor.

GPA Videos

Videos are courtesy of the Grumman Pilot’s Association.

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1 review for SureFly FAA Certified Electronic Ignition Magneto Replacement

  1. Les Staples AP/IA (verified owner)

    From: Les Staples
    Subject: SureFly Electronic Ignition
    Date: September 1, 2021 at 6:41:01 PM EDT
    Cc: Jason Hutchinson , Richard Condy


    I am Les Staples. I am an A&P IA, have owned an AA5A since 1994, was a
    partner in an AA5B from 1990 until I bought the Cheetah and flew AA5s
    prior to that (back to 1973). I am currently VP of GOPA (formerly AYA).
    Until a few years ago, I was the president and chief development officer
    of Sky-Tec starters and a partner in Plane-Power alternators and
    regulators. I am currently a limited partner in SureFly Partners, Ltd.
    and was involved from the first in the electronic ignition development
    and certification. So much for who I am. A lot of you know me.

    I have been made aware of some non-factual information about the SureFly
    Ignition Modules (SIMs) that is being passed around by some participants
    on this forum. I want to set the record straight, addressing all of the
    BS I am receiving.

    Here it is, I’m opening the kimono.

    First, the SureFly electronic ignition modules (SIMs) were completely
    designed and developedby the partners of SureFly Partners, Ltd., most of
    which were previously employees of Sky-Tec or Plane-Power.

    SureFly Partners, Ltd. presented early models to Lycoming who partnered
    with us to finalize the feature set they desired. Lycoming was kind
    enough to provide on-engine test cell data to aid us in development and

    What was to become the initial production 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder SIMs
    was presented along with design data and laboratory test data to the
    Chicago FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) and, after a couple of
    years of additional ground and flight test demonstrations, the ACO
    granted SureFly two STCs, one for engine and one for airframe.

    SureFly built, and continues to build, specially configured SIMs for
    Lycoming. They are black. SureFly branded units are blue. Lycoming
    presented the SureFly approved data to the New York ACO and was granted
    permission to add these SIMs as approved ignition modules on Lycoming
    engines per a Service Instruction (It’s nice to be the TC holder).

    As part of certification, SureFly put the SIMs through rigorous DO-160
    testing by independent laboratories for voltage, temperature, humidity,
    shock, vibration, radiated and conducted emissions, lightning immunity
    and everything else the ACO could think of.

    As with any new product, issues have arisen and SureFly has worked to
    fix them. That isn’t quick with an FAA-certified product. Every change has
    to be approved by the ACO!

    So, here are the issues that we have seen:

    1. Hesitation or backfire during mag check.

    a. Cause – The SIM takes time to start up after the P-lead is ungrounded
    and some key switches actually ground out both ignitions during the

    First Fix – Reduce the speed at which the key is moved. This eliminates
    90% of the problems.

    Second Fix – Rev D of the SIM4 (current production) reduces the startup
    time. This seems to pretty much eliminate the problem but hesitation &
    backfire is stilla possibility.

    2. Missing (rough running) on some 24V aircraft (a small minority but
    a real problem).

    a. Cause 1 (yep, more than one problem!) – Spikes over 35.7V on input power.

    First Fix – PC17 power conditioner was FAA approved as an installation
    aid to insert between aircraft electrical system and SIM power
    input. This totally fixed the problem

    Second Fix – Rev D SIM allows for higher input voltage and fixed this

    b. Cause 2 (now we find this one!) – With high input voltage (>24V), a
    very efficient coil in the SIM and narrow plug gap, a spark can be
    developed during the coil charging rather than only at coil discharge.
    This is the wrong time to fire!

    First Fix – Gap the plugs to > .022 seems to fix this problem in most cases.

    Second Fix – Install a PC17 power conditioner between the aircraft
    battery and SIM power input. This totally fixes the problem. Rev D SIM did
    not address this problem.

    3. Missing (rough running) on both 12V and 24V aircraft with ACS
    blue harnesses.

    a. Cause – the harness breaks down with high plug voltage.

    Fix – Replace any ACS blue harnesses with something else (Champion,
    Kelly, Maggie, etc.)

    4. Rough running and high cylinder temperatures.

    a. Cause – Timing on installation.


    Now, if I missed any other problems you know of or have heard of, LET ME
    KNOW. I’ll tell you what I know and only what I know. I’ll try to help.

    Les Staples A&P IA

    AA5A N9849U

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General Inquiries

2 Inquiries

  1. August 8, 2021

    Please tell us if the electronic magneto is EASAcertifyed for installation on Lycoming engine IO 360 C1B

    Hello Ghidotti,

    The surefly is not EASA certified. The Lycoming OEM version may be. You would need to contact Lycoming for that.

    Jeff Johnson
    Managing Director, Grumman Parts

  2. May 29, 2021



    Hello Earnest,

    The great news compared to Slick is that the surely does not require any overhaul or 500 hour inspection during it's time in service which is listed as 2,400 hours. I am happy to answer all your questions, including Grumman installations since I have direct experience on our planes. My cell number is 540-309-6427 and I am available all day.  Jeff