Grumman Copper Replacement Starting System Cables

BA battery cables improve hot and cold starting performance and eliminate most voltage drops between the battery and starter. “Low Loss” Copper Cable Kits can solve problems caused by aging equipment, aluminum wiring, corrosion, and power-hungry light-weight starters. This is excellent news for aircraft owners, pilots, and FBOs looking to improve battery and starter system performance significantly.

Improves aircraft electrical reliability.
Improves both hot and cold starting performance
Eliminates nearly all voltage drop between battery and starter
Reduced starter current draw by applying full voltage to the starter
Faster cranking, crank longer on the same battery because the current draw is reduced
Less stress on battery and starter system
It helps ensure confidence in passengers
Reduces the personal frustration and irritation factor


Kits are cut to length and preassembled from flexible one gauge copper cable, ‘slim head’ style terminals, and insulated with shrink tubing.
BA cable assemblies come ready to install, complete with instructions, sample log book entries, and a schematic diagram.
Cables are FAA/PMA approved under STC SA3531NM.
Please let us know if you have a lightweight starter.

We will add 6 inches to accommodate the reach to the starter lug at no additional charge.

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